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The Lufthansa A350

Amazing A350

Amazing for you. Amazing for the planet. The Lufthansa A350 is simply amazing! And Delhi is its worldwide launch destination, beginning 11 Feb. 2017!
Are you ready?

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It’s the most modern long haul aircraft in the world! It’s the most environmentally friendly too!
Discover amazing facts about the A350!

& Well-being

  • The A350 has a wide cabin providing more room and a generous sense of space.
  • The A350 has innovative LED mood lighting, which adjusts to passengers’ biorhythms.
  • The A350 has especially quiet engines and a pleasant cabin pressure.
  • The A350 offers new seats with ergonomically designed cushions for more comfort.
  • The A350 has a new self-service area for refreshments between meals in Business Class.
  • The A350 has improved broadband internet services for better connectivity.


The A350 passengers will enjoy larger TV screens in all travel classes.

A new ‘companion app’ will enable personalised entertainment playlist before the flight.


  • The A350 uses 25 percent less fuel.
  • The A350 consumes only 2.9 litres of kerosene per passenger/100 km.
  • The A350 produces 25 percent fewer emissions.
  • The A350 has a noise “footprint” up to 50% lower than comparable aircraft.


  • The A350 outperforms competitors in fuel economy, emissions and overall efficiency.
  • Over 70% of the A350 airframe is made of advanced materials.
  • The A350 wing can adapt while airborne for maximum aerodynamic efficiency.
  • The A350 nose section uses a mix of high-tech materials like aluminium-lithium alloys, composites and titanium.


  • The A350-900 has a Wingspan of 64.75 m.
  • The A350-900 has a Height of 17.05 m
  • The A350-900 has a Length of 65.26 m
  • The A350-900 has a Max. takeoff weight of 268 tons
  • The A350-900 has a Tank capacity of 138,000l
  • The A350-900 has a Cruising speed of 0.85 Mach
  • The A350-900 has a Cruising range* of approx. 9,500 km (at max. useful load)
  • The A350-900 has a Wing area extending to 443 m2
  • The A350 Rolls Royce XWB-84 engines produce 2 x 84,000 lbs of thrust
  • The A350-900 features the latest aerodynamic design, carbon fibre fuselage and wings.
  • The A350 has a streamlined nose and wrap-around cockpit windows for aerodynamic efficiency.

Testing & Reliability

The A350 has one of the most thorough test programmes ever developed for a jetliner.

An over 2,600-hour-flight-test campaign established the A350 as a true globe-trotter.

The A350 flew 81,700 nautical miles in 180 flight hours in its global route-proving tour to 14 major airports.

The A350 was tested through climactic conditions ranging from 400C. to -400C.

Aircraft Capacity

The A350 has 3 Travel Classes with

48 seats
in Business Class
21 seats in
Premium Economy
224 seats in
Economy Class.